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︎ Monique Wittig: Twenty Years Later
Friday 17 and Saturday 18 March 2023
University of California – Berkeley

︎ Book Launch Wittig
Conversation with Emilie Noteris
Friday 24 February 2023
L’Hydre, Marseille - Marseille

︎ Interview with Jo-ey Tang
about my residency CNAP x Villa Albertine
Villa Albertine Magazine

︎In Memory of My Feelings
Parallèle - Pratiques artistiques
émergentes internationales

︎About and After Parts of Some Sextets
by Yvonne Rainer (1965-2019)
An interview with Nick Mauss
Mirà, NMNM

︎ Laureate CNAP x Villa Albertine
New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco